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Merlin is a homebrew, brute-force search based chess playing program. It has no own GUI yet, it is available as a WinBoard/XBoard engine, or you can play on console, if you really want to... Merlin plays standard chess, it knows all elements of the game (castling, en-passant, fifty move draw, repetition draw, etc.). It performs at about 2350 Elo points against computer opponents.


For Windows (XP/Win2k): (cca. 9.3 MB)

Not tested on Vista/Windows 7, but it should work.


If you find a bug in the program or you have any questions about it, you can contact me at Please include all relevant information and files in bug reports (debug.log, games.pgn, XBoard/WinBoard output, etc.).

Please do not send messages larger than 1-2 MB.

I not guarantee instant replies to messages, but I will try to examine each.


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